Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stick Fishing


I'm so inspired by Susanne and Edgar Cabrera's blog, An Open Sketchbook, that I wanted to start including  sketches of Rowan, as a way to remember the cute things he's up to. 

Sticks are an endless source of fun right now; why do we have any other toys??? His favorite game is getting the cat to chase the end of the stick; he drags it through the plants, driving her just about crazy. Some amazing baby giggles follow:)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, the SNOW

I know that it's January. And that it might be unacceptable to post Christmas pictures this far after the fact. But I got looking through these yesterday, and I can't help myself! Our time in Canada was wonderful. I felt like I was marinating in all the love and hugs and sheer happiness of all that far-away-family togetherness . Wanted to bottle it up and bring some home with me. 

 I've been in a trance since we got back... that sounds like a lame excuse for being unproductive, but I think I'm finally shaking it! Ready to get going. Exciting things coming up.

In February a friend and I are running a half-marathon; with the goal of doing it in 2 hours. Eeek! Training has been so fun (can you say that about running at 6am in the morning?) and I'm getting really excited to challenge myself in the race. 

I found out that I've been accepted to Arts in the Park 2012 and am excited to start preparing for that. Lots of painting!  I'm getting a printer in the next couple weeks too, and am looking forward to the creative possibilities that will open up.  

New love: PINTEREST. I was a late comer, and admit that it took me at least a month to just figure out how to pin something. But now that I'm going I can't stop. Love all the kids crafts I'm finding! I put a button linking to my Pinterest, so if you'd like, check it out! 

Happy New Year (belated, I know!)! What are you excited about this year?