Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Artwalk

I'm going to lay it out there and tell you that promoting my art, even in the smallest way, gives me a mild panic attack. Even filling out the application for the art walk made me break into a cold sweat. But doing these things is so powerful; every time I overcome my fears, I prove to myself I can do more than I thought. 

So many things go into setting up; I have so much to learn! But in spite of being incredibly nervous, I had a great time, and am excited about next month. Lots of new ideas churning in my head...

Thank you so much to the friends that stopped by to say hi! You made my night. And Laura Gwin, thank you for knowing that I'd need help breaking stuff down at the end, when I didn't even know that:).

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”  ~Mark Twain

Monday, October 17, 2011

First (and possibly last) DIY Post

Last week was amazing. My mom, sister and her little guy were in town, and I've officially decided that you shouldn't live far away from nice family. It's way too hard to say goodbye! Rowan worships his cousin; love the way this picture captures the adoring look he gave him all week!

And now...on to my project! There is a wall in our living room that used to have a charming wood burning stove attached to it. Thankfully (the not so kid-friendly)  stove is no longer there, and the wall was just asking for some lovin'.

Now, because I paint, you might think that I knew what I was doing. But the truth is, I only paint things that you put on a wall...not the wall. In fact, my only other experience was painting a kitchen that ending up a hideous lime green instead of Lemongrass, or whatever it was supposed to be. 

A visit to this site and two trips to Lowe's later, things were looking up. 

But...what good is a beautiful blank wall without something lovely to hang on it? 

I've been hanging on to any old maps I find for collaging..amazing how current technology has made them obsolete.  And what beautiful and meaningful collage material! I wanted to incorporate an Arkansas map, since it's where Ro and I met. I also had other tibits I was excited to use.

'Patchwork quilting' the pieces.

I sketched over the collaged pieces, and then went to town with my paints. 

Incorporated artwork from Masha Dyans, love how whimsical her paintings are. 

You know I have a thing about trees :) Love the way collage pieces can tell a story. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Florida's Fall

When I stepped out the other morning,  instead of the you-can't-breathe-it's-so-hot air of the Florida summer, cool, crisp refreshing air was there in its place. I literally did a little dance. If you're looking for us between now and next summer, we'll be outside, thank you very much. :)

Picnic in the yard! And milestone; Rowan is finally steady on his feet ( with a hand to hold)! Wow. This year has flown. Is he really almost a year?