Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Florida's Fall

When I stepped out the other morning,  instead of the you-can't-breathe-it's-so-hot air of the Florida summer, cool, crisp refreshing air was there in its place. I literally did a little dance. If you're looking for us between now and next summer, we'll be outside, thank you very much. :)

Picnic in the yard! And milestone; Rowan is finally steady on his feet ( with a hand to hold)! Wow. This year has flown. Is he really almost a year?


  1. He is PRECIOUS! Leah, you are so beautiful. Your blog makes me happy, what amazing gifts God has given you. Your son, your husband and your AMAZING talents.
    I love you friend!!
    miss you tons.

  2. SUCH a sweetie!!!!! Oh, those two little teeth are to die for!

    You have such a beautiful blog and perspective. I look forward to visiting often!

  3. ugh he is such a heart stealer! :)