Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Limited Palette

In the most awesome painting class ever (thank you Professor Miko!), we did a project using a limited palette. This guy (the author and illustrator of Dinotopia! Please tell me that book was in your childhood) does a great job of explaining what that is. I blogged about it a while back here. I was inspired to try it again, after having experimented with lots of different colors over the past months. I am always drawn to blue, and love the way that red compliments it ( though I did cheat, and used some browns, yellows and white. But still less than usual!). I also experimented with different levels of complexity, based on the same photographs; was fun to see how differently they all turned out. 

These leaves are collaged to the wood, similar to the technique I explained in this post, here.

In the handsome handyman department; the website is almost finished! Holy crap, it's beautiful, I can't WAIT to show you. 


 Each card has a different painting on them, and I just LOVE it. Don't know why little pieces of paper make you feel legit, but works for me. Excited to have them available for the upcoming show at Lillie's; if you stop by during the month of October, don't forget to enter your name for a drawing to win a painting! 

And I am so happy to have heard back from the North Beaches Art Walk today. The first juried thing I have ever entered; I'm in! If you know of a vendor that's participating, and would like a girl that paints flowers to sit in front of their shop, you just let me know. Hopefully the first time I participate will be October 20, which is the walk's fourth anniversary celebration. You know you wanna go. :)

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