Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Works

My grandpa is my hero. Not because you've heard of him, or because there are going to be books written about him, but because, in his quiet, strong way, he is someone I wish I could be just like. 

For starters, he has the most fantastic, well-timed sense of humor you will ever find (I don't think I can ever learn that). He might not say that much, but when he does, you're going to laugh til you cry. Even though he is super amazing and handy and knows how to do just about a million things, he is also incredibly humble.  Also, he's cool as a cucumber. Always. And the sense of adventure he has! He and my grandma have traveled to more places than I can count, and I only hope someday Ro and I can mark as may places on a map as they have. 

This last visit to their house over Christmas, they graciously let me go through the stacks of maps at their house, and take whatever I wanted. The collection is absolutely amazing, and several I am nervous to use, I'm so obsessed with how beautiful they are just as is. 

When I started dreaming of balloons recently, I thought I just might have found the perfect way to integrate one of the world maps. All of the paintings pictured were created from a single map, collaged paper, and acrylic paint. I hope they capture a sense of adventure and delight! 

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  1. These are absolutely stunning! And great story behind them!