Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Update in Pictures

October 2012: I am ridiculously pregnant, and ready to meet this munchkin!

Soaking up the last days of it being just me and this little monkey before monkey #2 joins the party:)

October 26, 2012: Welcomed Gabriel Elias Samour into our family! His birth was quick and I was thankful to have him naturally, just as I'd hoped to. Rogelio was the best doula I could ask for; even the nurses were kidding about hiring him! Feeling so blessed by my husband, and to now be the mom of two sweet boys. 

We also found out, a few days before Gabriel's birth, that we are moving back to Fayetteville, AR at the end of December for Ro's new job. Excited, but completely and totally overwhelmed. 

November 2012: Lots of cuddles, not lots of sleep, and lots of sweet smiles:)

November 25, 2012: This guy turned 2!!! 

Rowan loving on his baby brother:) 

December 2012: Getting ready (if you count sitting around cuddling a baby) for our move; more to come!

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