Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art Day

I really, really should have been organizing and sorting today, getting ready to move...but that is not what I did.

I woke up wanting to play more with collaging watercolor washes. Hoping this will be the first in a series of branches getting ready to have things to hang at Lillie's in October.

I had several sheets of watercolor paper that  I splashed paint on, let it dry and then sketched and cut the leaves out...attached them to the wood with glue dots to hold them steady while sketching in the branches...added background stain, and then sealed everything in with collage glue. Most of the paintings I've been doing are from pictures I've taken, but this image of ginko leaves was in my head today, for no reason I can think of. I looked it up, and apparently they are a sign of resilience, hope and peace. I'll take that as a sign as we're heading into this move!

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