Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making a Switch

Put simply, I am not a computer person. The internet is like magic to me, and I think, always will be. Last summer Ro encouraged me to start a blog, and I did on Tumblr, with his help. However, almost a year later, I'm still miffed at how to work it, and after hearing good things about blogger, here I am!

Sadly, I can't transfer over my old posts ( I may not understand how it works, but once I started posting I couldn't stop!:) so here is a link to my old blog. http://tumblr.landoflulu.com/

I'm going to miss that little blog; it captures the very beginning of me thinking...wait...what am I doing?!? I gotta paint!!! I so so so appreciate all the  encouragement from Ro, my family and friends to wholeheartedly purse this thing I LOVE. After having paintings up at a local coffee shop called Delicomb in January and having a great response, I am working towards another show at Lillie's coffee shop in October. Plan to chronicle all my brushstrokes (and anything else that happens along the way:) here!

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