Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canadian Inspiration

Spending time with loving family is refreshing to the SOUL. It's been so good to be here. If we do nothing but walk around in the orchard all day, I'm content. 

No painting, but lots of sketching. 

    Dandelion stem with one little guy hanging on

    In love with all the poppies!

    Weeping birch we found down by the lake

    Parsnip flower from the garden

    Saskatoon berries, YUM.

    Rowan meets my sweet sister Lauren!

    Walk in the apple trees

    Suppertime on the porch

    What a sweet great grandma...this boy is getting stocked up on cuddles.

    So many wineries to visit here. Ro and I went to Mission Hill  on his last day here, and had a great  
    time taking their tour and sampling away. If you haven't visited the Okanagan, or just British  
    Columbia in general, come to think of it, put it on your travel list!

    View from Munson Mountain, just a short walk from my grans house.

    Picturesque barn on the walk to Munson...possibly to paint? Loving the yellow flowers with the red  

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