Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Setting Goals

I'm recording my art goals here, so I can't pretend like I didn't make them later! I wrote these down a few weeks ago, setting the due date at this time next year. Some sound silly, but since everyone has to start somewhere, this is where I start.

  1. Put time to paint in on the calendar each week. Do it. Continue to complete at least one painting a week. 
  2. Look for practical ways to grow as an artist; read art blogs, attend workshops and taking classes when possible (aka nights and weekends. Make it happen).
  3. Plan to have website completed (Ro being heavily involved in this goal). 
  4. Figure out how to use this blog.  Bar for slideshow of artwork, links to other sites, etc. Play with it til you're comfortable, and not wishing you were born when there weren't computers. 
  5. (Gulp...this one scares me.) Utilize Etsy shop and post at least 20 items by May 2012.
  6. Display works at Lillie's in October. Contact Burrito Gallery art curator after website is up. Fill out application for Players by the Sea Gallery (thanks Sarah!). Enter work in jury selection process for beaches art walk.  
  7. Ultimate goal; enter work in jury selection process for Art in the Park next Spring.  Now get painting!  

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  1. :) This is to remind me that during our phone date this week we have to talk about your art!!!