Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Painting Little Houses

One of the things I love most about Atlantic Beach is the variety of  houses there are. Each one a different color than the next! If you've ever been on a walk around here with me, I'm sure you know how much I loooove to comment on this porch, or those shingles, etc. etc. Surely a product of being an architects kid (how many kids can say they knew what a retaining wall was at eight?) I'm fascinated by each and every little house around here.

As I'm trying to find my style painting wise, I thought I would give a few of their rooftops a try; ultimately I've decided it was just that, a try. I'm much more in love with painting things in nature that haven't been cut, sanded and nailed together, but see what you think!

Monkey news: he's eating real food! He pulled my leg there for a couple of days (as in, he'd pretend to eat, but it was really just all on his shirt), but today he downed some sweet potatoes like a man. So proud!

I like to call that his sweet potato goatee. 

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