Monday, July 11, 2011

New Paintings

While we were in Canada, everywhere I looked there was something beautiful going on. Hundreds of poppies in full bloom! Iris's in Grandma's yard! Wild flowers flowers covering the hillside! 

While on a hike with my mom and several of her friends, she said' Oh Leah, LOOK!'. I thought for sure we were about to be eaten by bears (it could happen. It's Canada!). But when I looked, it was poppies, hundreds of them. Ok, have I never seen a real poppy before?!? They are HUGE! And so beautiful! I was completely in awe. 

Grandma's Iris

Playing with ideas for eclectic groupings of wood blocks; could go together, or separate.

Inspired by a beautiful moth my sister found 

Mock Orange blossoms in the Grans backyard

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