Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Couple New Ones

I really don't know what happened over the last year. It's like taking that painting class unleashed an inner person I didn't know I had, with one idea not coming out complete before another one tries to push it out of the way. I'm kind of scared!  My plan is to not over think it, and just keep being inspired by the beauty in God's creation; it's endless! 

Continuing to 'stock pile' in an effort to have enough for the show in October (thank you, Megan Thomas! I MISS you!), and enough to have a (hopefully) decent looking etsy shop soon. Any other artists have suggestions on how to have a body of work for showing, and still have enough to sell?

Went back to one of my first ideas. There was a cherry tree in the background of a car ad, and the striking white against the solid color background will probably have me playing with versions of this for a long time to come. Fun to paint partially from photo inspiration and part from imagination. 

 A sweet neighbor and friend commissioned these for her beach loving husband's birthday, and I've been waiting to put up pictures until she gave it to him ( not that I think he reads my blog, but you can never be to careful! ha) Thanks so much Anna and Dallas! 

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