Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cute Lil' Cousins

What incredible fun to get to see Rowan and his sweet cousin Everett together. This is the first time they've seen each other and are old enough to care that the other one is there! 

 'Sharing' the piano:)

Loving a toy that Natalie and I played with!

Everett wanting to know what that thing taking his picture is!

And I haven't posted a recipe in a long while, but these two are too easy and tasty to pass up! Natalie and I roasted beets the other night, and made this delicious curried butternut squash. Adding to my imaginary wish list: please make Arkansas and Florida just a little bit closer. I really like seeing my sister. 

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  1. Oh man, why did I come on here and see these sweet pics? Now I'm even more disappointed I didn't get to see you. I hate fevers, I hate fevers, I hate fevers... Lord, why do you do this to us?!

    Apparently I haven't been watching Rowen's pics as closely as I thought because I am AMAZED at the amount of hair he has acquired. He looks JUST like his daddy, don't you love that?! So AR and FL were closer too. Darn you geography.

    I miss you Leah!